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2017 - 2018 Annual Report

Linking Community Resources to Nashville Public Schools to Help Young People Achieve Academic Success and Prepare for Life

We are one of the nation’s largest networks of businesses, universities, faith-based organizations and volunteers engaged in public schools.


Here’s what PENCIL accomplished this year:


Volunteer Hours


MNPS Schools with PENCIL Partnerships


Community Investment


The LP PENCIL Box allows all MNPS teachers to shop for school supplies at absolutely no cost to them one TIME per school semester.

Throughout the 17-18 school year, the LP PENCIL Box distributed the following into the hands of Nashville’s students:

  • 200,922 pencils
  • 19,776 packages of crayonsthat many crayons weigh roughly 5,932 pounds; the same weight as all of the Nashville Predators players and their coaching staff combined
  • 16,197 packages of notebook paperif you laid each piece side by side, it would cover every square inch of both the Vanderbilt and Belmont campuses
  • 76,101 glue sticksif you used them to build a tower, it would be taller than Mount Kilimanjaro
  • 3,494 reams of copy paperthe weight combined is the same as 5 Honda CR-V
  • And much, much more!
$1,270,964+ in supplies distributed to 4,081+ teachers from 167 MNPS schools
The LP PENCIL Box is made possible by the generous support of the Louisiana-Pacific Foundation, Kids in Need Foundation, local businesses, organizations and the 424 volunteers who gave more than 2,935 hours of their time during the 17-18 school year.

Academy PENCIL Partners

PENCIL works to bridge the gap between volunteers’ generosity and skills and the support MNPS needs to help students grow.

Throughout the 17-18 school year, PENCIL Partners have provided the following support to Academies across Nashville:

  • Career Mentors
  • Teacher Externships
  • Curriculum Development
  • Job Shadowing
  • Mock Interviews
  • Student Interviews
  • Industry Certification Exam Tutors
  • And more!


Volunteer Hours


10th Grade Industry Field Trips


11th Grade Job Shadows


PENCIL Partnerships

Academy PENCIL Partners are successful because of the gracious local businesses who value public education and show up to support Metro Nashville Public School students, faculty and staff.  

Literacy PENCIL Partners

Last year, we partnered committed volunteers from our PENCIL Partnerships with MNPS Reading Clinics to mentor students for 30 minutes a week. Reading Clinic volunteers provided intensive, individualized, one-to-one mentoring using instructional strategies proven by researchers to promote reading gain. During sessions, volunteers provided support and guidance as the student read a book aloud, facilitated literacy-specific games with the student, and much more. 

This was the first year we had PENCIL staff onsite at two elementary schools – Churchwell and Buena Vista. At those two sites alone, we saw the following successes:


Students served




Volunteer Hours

For the 18-19 school year, the district is re-evaluating the structure for Literacy support in Metro Schools and PENCIL is excited to be at the table as we create the next plan for literacy in Nashville.

Literacy PENCIL Partners are made possible by the generous support of Maddox charitable fund, Memorial Foundation, Dollar General Literacy Foundation, and the Scarlett Family Foundation.

PENCIL Family Resource Centers

PENCIL Family Resource Centers (FRCs) help students and families in six schools by acting as a hub for community resources and helping families navigate outside agencies that can help with social, emotional and physical needs. FRCs stock emergency food and clothing, and develop services tailored to the school population.

Six Family Resource Centers
Ivanetta H. Davis Early Learning Center, Tusculum Elementary School, Madison Middle School, and Antioch, Maplewood and Glencliff High Schools.

Throughout the 17-18 school year, PENCIL’s FRCs provided students and families with the following services:

  • Food backpacks for at-risk students
  • Clothing, including school uniforms
  • School and personal hygiene supplies
  • Student tutoring resources
  • Parent resources, including counseling, employment and transportation
  • And much, much more!



Students served





PENCIL’s FRC’s are made possible by the support of United Way, state funding, PENCIL Partners and generous community support. 

Thanks to the incredible generosity of the rogers group, PENCIL has a brand new home! This is the first time in 35 years that PENCIL’s entire team will coexist under one roof. The new space serves as PENCIL headquarters and includes a brand new LP PENCIL Box teacher store.

Metro Nashville Public School students are making great strides with the investment and ongoing support from our community Partners.