Our Impact

Public Education Needs Community Involvement and Leadership

Our Mission

Linking community resources to Metro Nashville Public Schools to help young people achieve academic success and prepare for life.

Our Vision

PENCIL envisions a world where access and opportunities are equitable for all students to have a successful future.

Our Values

Our work is guided by the needs of MNPS, is student centric, and is achieved through partnerships and tangible engagements. As the PENCIL team, we will be collaborative and transparent, act with integrity, and demonstrate kindness and gratitude.

PENCIL is a non-profit organization that builds strategic partnerships between community groups and the needs of Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS). We are one of the nation’s largest networks of businesses, universities, and faith-based organizations actively engaged in public schools. We believe community involvement is key to academic success for students.

PENCIL and PENCIL Partners are committed to meeting the needs of MNPS to ensure equitable access to education for all students, and since our founding in 1982, PENCIL has worked with private industry, city officials, and other nonprofits to achieve strategic goals for MNPS students through community partnerships. We address needs through a collective impact model that harnesses the time and talents of the business community and PENCIL Partners to offer invaluable access to mentoring, job shadows, and more. We are committed more than ever to see that all our students have access to these opportunities.

Myra Taylor, Principal at Jones Paideia Elementary Magnet School

“PENCIL has a heart for kids. Their sole purpose is to make resources available for our students in our city to make education equitable for everybody. A lot of people talk the talk, but a lot of people don’t walk the walk. PENCIL does a good job of doing both, quite honestly.”

Together We Can Change Students’ Lives

2020 – 2021 Impact Numbers

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PENCIL Partnerships
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Total Community Investment

PENCIL has evolved the relationship between community and public schools. We’ve done so by bridging the gap between the community’s philanthropic intentions and the support each school needs to advance educational goals. With the help of donors and partners, PENCIL supports 168 schools and over 81,000 Metropolitan Nashville Public School students spanning over a 500 square-mile boundary.

Because Public Education is Everyone’s Business

2019 – 2020 MNPS Statistics

0 %
of MNPS students live in economically distressed households
0 %
of 3rd grade students are proficient in English Language Arts
0 %
MNPS graduation rate
0 +
MNPS English Learning Students gained yearly