Tutor a student one-to-one in literacy or math

Accelerate the learning of a Metro student by tutoring for a semester through the MNPS Accelerating Scholars program

Claim a volunteer opportunity for a Metro School or classroom

Browse volunteer opportunities and in-kind needs for individual Metro Nashville Public Schools through PENCIL Connect

Assist teachers while they shop at PENCIL's free supply store

Ensure teachers have the supplies they need by sorting, stocking, and distributing school supplies at the DG PENCIL Box

Interested in a long-term partnership with a school?
Become a PENCIL Partners.

Invest time and talent into a Metro school, providing teacher appreciation, caring adult mentors, exposure to workforce opportunities, and more. Each partnership is unique and designed to serve the individual needs of the school and the partner.

Background Checks

PENCIL facilitates the background checks for all volunteers that fill certain roles within MNPS.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about volunteering with PENCIL, contact us via email