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Recruiting support Winter 2020-July 2021

Join us in providing our teachers with an unforgettable show of community love and supplies for back-to-school!

Help put a bag of high-need classroom supplies into the hands of 5,000+ teachers during July 2021.

With the support of people like YOU and your organization, PENCIL will gather volunteers and investment for this annual teacher awareness and supply delivery event, which coincides with the start of the school year.

In July 2021, we’ll come together as a community to deliver more than 5,000 teacher supply bags, ensuring that all Metro teachers:

  1. Feel celebrated and appreciated as they build out their classrooms for the year
  2. Know about our LP PENCIL Box—a FREE teacher supply store, open year-round

With your help, we can support Metro Teachers and ensure our students have a learning environment stocked with the tools needed to succeed.

To learn how you can support, please contact Jacki Artis, Project Manager, at