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PENCIL is recruiting community members to volunteer as tutors and work one-on-one with students who need extra help in reading or math through the MNPS Accelerating Scholars Program.

You can help accelerate a child’s learning progress and lay a foundation for future success.  Accelerating Scholars is currently focused on students in most need of support as determined by school personnel based on individual assessments in 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade literacy and 8th and 9th grade math.  

PENCIL will recruit and train volunteers, and work with Metro Nashville Public Schools and Vanderbilt’s Tutor Nashville to match volunteers with individual students. Volunteers commit to:

  • A background check, provided by PENCIL at no cost to the volunteer
  • Training consisting of two, two-hour sessions, which can be done remotely at the volunteer’s convenience
  • One-to-one sessions via secure virtual classroom with an MNPS student, three times/week for 30 minutes each session, over 10 weeks (scheduled according to the volunteer’s availability)

Using a high-impact, research-based model, volunteers help ensure that each student is known, supported, and academically on-track. 

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