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Engage with Students Digitally, Flexibly, and Safely

PENCIL Connect is a digital booking service used to craft engaging classroom experiences with ease. This is an innovative space where partners provide details on their areas of expertise and educators can browse for digital guest speaking engagements, job shadow experiences, and field trips that fit their individual classroom’s needs.

PENCIL Connect’s email enabled messaging, built-in calendar booking, and internally hosted video conferencing features are designed to increase equitable access to community partners of expertise. This service was also built with the flexibility required in both the modern classroom and emerging work-from-home cultures in mind.

Interested in connecting with local classrooms using PENCIL Connect? Complete the steps below to get involved:

STEP 1: Complete the PENCIL Connect Registration Form (click here). When completing the form, please upload a copy of your resume and a professional photo, so PENCIL staff can create your profile for you.

STEP 2: Complete a Virtual Background Check (click here).

STEP 3: Check your email for an invitation to join the PENCIL Connect Community. Follow the email instructions to reset your password and access your profile.

STEP 4: Attend an Onboarding meeting to learn more about the platform!

About PENCIL Connect:

How to create & navigate your profile:


PENCIL Connect Guide

Step-by-Step tutorial on how to set up your PENCIL Connect Profile

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