Invest to ensure Metro Nashville students have equitable resources and opportunities for years to come:

You may make a one-time gift now that will immediately begin earning income for PENCIL, or a planned gift. To discuss planned giving options, please contact Angie Adams, President & CEO, at AAdams@PENCIL615.org. We are happy to work with you as you contemplate this commitment.

Legacy Society for Planned Giving

John Doerge
Jeff W. Gregg
Kathy & Pat Nevill
Sue & Andy Spickard
Angie Underhill Adams 

Sue Spickard Fund

Teacher of the Year
$35,000 – $75,000

Honor Roll
$5,000 – $25,000
The Enchiridion Foundation
Kathy & Pat Nevill
The Spickard Family Advised Fund


Star Pupil
$500 – $2,500
Belmont University
Beth Brill
Jane & Bill Coble
Mary & Charles W. Cook, Jr.
Charles Dunn
Annette Eskind
Rashed Fakhruddin
LeShane Greenhill
Cooper Jones
Kaitlyn Jones
Christie Laird
Judy & Lewis Lefkowitz
Darin Matson
Dana Morrow
Jim Kelley & Anne O’Duffy
Elizabeth & Larry Papel
Brandyn Payne
Brent Poulton
Jennifer Puryear
Lynn Schultz
Angie Underhill Adams
Betsy & Knox Walkup
Ashley & Joel Wright

Friend of PENCIL
Up to $500
Brittany Adams
Jacki Artis
Mimi Bliss
Hudson Bonner
Margret & Thomas Burns
Todd Chappel

Andrea & Lance Couch
Bill Denny
John Doerge
Rachael Anne Elrod

Annette Eskind
Tom Feeney
Susan Gray
Jeff Gregg
Whitney Haley
Lila & Linus Hall
Colleen Hoy
Abby Janis
Nicole Keefe
Bob Kucher
John Newman & Rebecca Lyford

Elise McMillan
Candice McQueen
Bill Purcell & Deborah Miller
Hasina & Shuaib Mohyuddin
Kimberly & Perry Moulds

Nicole & Zach Provonchee
Gale Ray
Kendrick Robinson
Michael Hansen & Kelly Rolf
Mike Russell
Linda & Hal Sauer
Kristen & Frank Schriner
Rebecca Fair & Justin Sheeler
Allen DeCuyper & Steve Sirls
Margaret Spickard
Meredith & Michael Stewart
Zulfat & Rahaman Suara
Angie Underhill Adams
Julie & Don Williamson
LaTonya & Juan Williams
Robyn Williams
Shirley Zeitlin
Raymond Zimmerman