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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PENCIL Me In?

PENCIL Me In is the community investment tracking tool for volunteers that support Metro Nashville Public Schools.  You can access the portal at

What is community investment?

Community investment is defined as any donation of time, talent or resources made to Metro Nashville Public Schools. 

Why should I log my volunteer hours?

Tracking community investment hours gives MNPS and PENCIL a comprehensive view of the work the Nashville community is doing to support Metro Nashville Public Schools. Ultimately, this helps us recruit additional Partners and funding to better support the areas that need it most.

How do I register on PENCIL Me In?

You will find a detailed tutorial on how to register as a volunteer here

How do I log my volunteer hours or in-kind donations?

You will find a detailed tutorial on how to log hours here

What is the best way to access PENCIL Me In?

PENCIL Me In is a web-based tool that can be accessed via computer or mobile device. 

The recommended web platform is Google Chrome, but others will work sufficiently as well. Please avoid using Explorer if at all possible. 

Is there an app for my phone?

Unfortunately, there is not an app; however, you can access PENCIL Me In on your mobile device.