Glencliff FRC Volunteer, Kathy Felts, on PENCIL’s Importance

Hello everyone, my name is Kathy Felts, but those who know me call me Miss Kathy. I volunteer at PENCIL’s Family Resource Center (FRC) at Glencliff High School and work closely with PENCIL’s Glencliff FRC Manager, Bailey Tidwell, to supply and distribute resources that Glencliff’s students and families need.

In the past year, I have had the pleasure of supplying paper towels and toilet paper, fundraising at my church to cover the cost of needed supplies, helping run many food box distributions (even in the rain), and sponsoring gifts for Glencliff students at Christmastime. Truthfully, supporting the Glencliff community is a reward in itself, but aiding them and providing them with resources would not be possible without PENCIL. I am able to make the impact I do because of the guidance of Bailey – telling me what supplies are needed, when food distributions are and how I can help, like when a student sponsor drops out at the last minute. I am able to lend a hand – generating funds and gather supplies from my community – because Bailey is in touch with the needs of Glencliff students and families.

There are students and families that need support, and I’m grateful to PENCIL for giving me avenues to provide just that, especially in the past year. A fun fact about me – I love to travel and visit lighthouses because they are tall beacons of hope. And that’s exactly what I try to do for PENCIL and the Glencliff community – provide support, strength and encouragement.