PENCIL announces new President & CEO

PENCIL Ushers in New Era of its More Than 40-Year History

PENCIL and its Board of Directors are pleased to announce Christiane Buggs as its new Chief Executive Officer, succeeding the transformational leadership of Angie Adams.

Angie publicly announced in March that she plans to step down from PENCIL with her daughter’s graduation from Metro Schools in spring 2024. Christiane will assume the role as PENCIL’s new leader on January 1, 2024, and will have the opportunity to work closely with Angie throughout the spring.

Christiane Buggs

Christiane is a Nashville Native, MNPS Graduate and Current School Board Member

“After five months of a thorough, national search led by a group of PENCIL Board Members, we are honored to name Christiane Buggs as the next impact leader of PENCIL,” said Hasina Mohyuddin, PENCIL Board Chair & Co-Chair of the CEO Transition Committee. “Christiane’s proven experience as a leader and deep ties with Metro Nashville Public Schools, as an alumna, teacher, parent, and school board member, made her the top choice.”

“PENCIL’s financial and programmatic health, and strong position in Nashville, allowed us [the PENCIL Board of Directors] to be thoughtful about what our community needs in PENCIL’s next CEO. We believe that Christiane is the right person to lead us into the next phase, ensuring we continue to grow in our ability to serve students and teachers of Metro Nashville,” said John Doerge, former PENCIL Board Chair & Co-Chair of the CEO Transition Committee.

Buggs has worked closely with PENCIL in her various roles and as an ex-officio member of PENCIL’s Board of Directors since 2022.

Though most recently the Director of Strategic Partnerships for the Tennessee Educators of Color Alliance, Buggs has more than 10 years of experience in education in Nashville. She is a Nashville native and former MNPS student who went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in physics and two master’s degrees in education before returning to MNPS as a middle school math teacher and eventually a member of the MNPS Board of Education. During her time with the MNPS School Board, she has had the opportunity to manage a $1.2B budget that serves the social, emotional, and academic needs of 83,000 students across 159 schools.

“I have worked closely with Christiane in my time as Director, and have witnessed her lead with great strength, grace, compassion, and collaboration. Those attributes alongside her passion for education and determination to see our children succeed, will benefit her greatly in pushing PENCIL’s mission forward,” remarked Dr. Adrienne Battle, Director of Metro Nashville Public Schools. “I look forward to working alongside her in a new capacity as the CEO of PENCIL, a crucial partner to MNPS.”

PENCIL was established 41 years ago by community and business leaders to link community resources to Metro Nashville Public Schools to help young people achieve academic success and prepare for life. Its work remains guided by the district’s needs, is student-centric, and is achieved through community partnerships and tangible engagements.

“PENCIL makes a difference in the lives of Metro Schools students, families, and teachers every day. I have witnessed it, admired it, and played a part in it during my time with MNPS,” said Christiane Buggs. “It’s a community effort – a mission to provide equitable access to resources and opportunities to our students, so we can empower them to succeed now and in the future.”

In her role as CEO, Buggs will be responsible for the leadership and management of PENCIL under the direct supervision of the Board of Directors, including operational leadership of the staff, implementation of programs, and the financial health of PENCIL. She will be responsible for seeking the input of key stakeholders and diverse voices on major initiatives and decisions, while remaining anchored in PENCIL’s mission and vision. She will work closely with the Director of Metro Nashville Public Schools and MNPS leaders to shape the services that PENCIL and PENCIL Partners provide based on district priorities, determined necessary for student success.

“I am delighted to be the next leader of such an incredible organization, and to have the opportunity to work with the PENCIL community to support a district that I grew up in and love so dearly,” Buggs continued.

“I have had the privilege of working with Christiane over the last couple years – she is respected, thoughtful, and an exceptional leader who cares deeply for our young people, our public schools, and the future of Nashville,” said Angie Adams, PENCIL President & CEO. “I know Christiane loves PENCIL and feel confident that she is uniquely suited to grow PENCIL’s impact while staying true to its vital mission, vision, and values.”

“It has been an honor to be part of PENCIL’s mission and its transformational growth for the past 8 years. What tempers my sadness in saying goodbye is knowing that PENCIL is thriving with a fabulous board and committed staff, and I have no doubts that it will continue to do so under Christiane’s leadership,” continued Adams.

On behalf of the Co-Chairs of the CEO Transition Committee, Hasina Mohyuddin and John Doerge, the PENCIL Board of Directors and staff, thank you for supporting us through this long-planned transition process. We are feeling excited and ready as PENCIL prepares for its next era of impact!