PENCIL Growth Expands with Chiefs

NASHVILLE, TN, June 28, 2022 – PENCIL (Public Education Needs Community Involvement and Leadership), the boots-on-the-ground community resource recruiter to Metro Nashville Public Schools, is pleased to announce expanded roles on our executive team.

As unprecedented growth continues at PENCIL, the organization is elevating staff roles to more accurately reflect the duties and responsibilities of key leadership positions. The newly minted Chief Partnerships & Programs Officer (Bob Kucher) and Chief Philanthropy Officer (Kelly Rolf), join our Chief Operating Officer (Dr. Robert Wallace) and Chief Executive Officer (Angie Adams) in rounding out the executive team at PENCIL.

The future of PENCIL also includes a succession plan that will see the organization helmed by an executive officer who follows Angie Adams’ impressive lead. “These role expansions are an important indication of the level of impact each of these team members has made at PENCIL and the level of leadership they provide to the organization,” says PENCIL CEO, Angie Adams. “Staff development and engagement will continue to be a key area of focus so that the depth of knowledge of our leaders is exceptional as PENCIL prepares for a CEO transition in 2024. The relationships they nurture are also vital to PENCIL’s continued success at exceeding the expectations of MNPS leadership, and having those relations not miss a beat during our CEO transition will be critical.

“As these two talented individuals continue to grow in their work and influence, they also continue to develop and coach their team members for higher levels of responsibility,” Adams continued. “So, their advancement is creating opportunities for other team members to advance in their professional development as well.” 

Board Chair Norman Merrifield agrees, sharing,  “The new Chief positions will foster continued growth for PENCIL by honoring the work that the two Chiefs being named have done in the past. The new titles are also a way to recognize the commitment that Bob and Kelly have shown towards PENCIL through a lot of challenges that they’ve turned into incredible opportunities. I think that’s what Chiefs do, and both have done that consistently. It’s an honor that we get to have them work under the title of Chiefs, and it’s certainly deserved.”

Implementing Chief officers within PENCIL’s staffing structure ensures we will continue offering critical supports to MNPS through robust partnerships and tangible engagements. To find out more and get involved with PENCIL, visit   


Founded in 1982 by a collective of Nashville business leaders, PENCIL ( links community resources to Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) to help young people achieve academic success and prepare for life. Our work is guided by the needs of MNPS, is student-centric, and is achieved through partnerships and tangible engagements. PENCIL envisions a world where all students have equitable access to opportunities and resources.

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Robert Wallace, Chief Operating Officer