#PENCILinOurFuture Series

On November 12, 2020 PENCIL launched an ambitious endowment campaign, titled Our Students, Our Future, that envisioned a future of continuous community investment and support for public education in Nashville. With a goal of raising $3M by June of 2024, Our Students, Our Future will allow PENCIL to permanently sustain two full-time Partnership Managers to always ensure a pathway for community investment in Nashville public schools.

This month, we celebrate PENCIL’s  39th birthday, and we can’t help but reflect on the past and look with hope toward the future. In honor of this occasion, we are excited to reveal a new #PENCILinOurFuture testimonial series that features the voices of several dedicated PENCIL Partners. They will share what sets PENCIL apart, and why we are vital to the success of Nashville public schools. Starting April 14th, we will share a new #PENCILinOurFuture testimonial every other week on our social media channels (@pencil4schools). Check out the preview of the #PENCILinOurFuture series:

Metro Nashville Public Schools has grown to rely on PENCIL for access to community resources, including vital school supplies amounting to approximately $2M per year, and a high volume of talented and passionate volunteers who meaningfully engage with students and provide real world career education and exposure. PENCIL knows that businesses want to engage with and support public schools, but it’s difficult for them to successfully manage their engagement without PENCIL making connections to schools where their particular input is needed.

With each new video in the #PENCILinOurFuture series, we hope you will learn why PENCIL’s work is essential to Nashville and our public schools. We hope to give you a glimpse into the extraordinary network of businesses and organizations that makes PENCIL. Most of all, we hope you are inspired to join us and invest to ensure Metro Nashville students have equitable resources and opportunities for years to come.