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Table Host Toolkit

As a Table Host, you are responsible for recruiting seven guests for your table, whom you believe would appreciate learning more about PENCIL’s work in Metro schools and would consider a personal contribution. All the materials you’ll need to be successful are available below (click to download):

Table Host Guide

all the information you'll need to successfully host a table

Online Event Platform

for registration, donation and information purposes; please use this site to track guests who have accepted your invitation; you can also add additional guests and/or tables, and encourage people to donate through the online platform

Guest Invite Template

to be used when inviting table guests

Event Invite Graphic (PNG)

to be used on social media or via text message

Event Social Graphic (PNG)

to be used on social media or via text message

I-Calendar File

to be used to add the event to your calendar and share with confirmed guests

Guest Reminder Template

to be used to share event information with confirmed guests

PENCIL & MNPS Info Packet

to be used to learn more about  PENCIL and those served through PENCIL's work

Table Host Highlights

Table hosts are PENCIL champions who support the event by:

  • Having a genuine appreciation for PENCIL and its mission. We ask you to confidently explain our goals and lend your influence to bring the right people together for this event.
  • Recruiting seven guests for your table, who are strong prospects to connect with and invest in us.
  • Encouraging your table guests to invest in PENCIL. We hope that ever guest invests in PENCIL at some level.
  • Communicating regularly with your guests and sharing PENCIL’s mission.
  • Sharing a meaningful thank you to your guests. Following the event, PENCIL will provide you with a list of your table guests and their investment.

Dates to know:

  • Friday, August 11 – Please send final guest names/emails to PENCIL.
  • Week of August 14 – Remind guests about the events, and share why you are passionate about PENCIL
  • Thursday, August 24 – Back to School Breakfast fundraiser (EVENT DAY)
  • Week of August 28 – Send thank you notes to table guests

Thank you for celebrating PENCIL, and those we serve, as we head into the new school year!