The Volunteer Tutoring Connection

“I think it’s important that community volunteers see all that it takes to have a program like Accelerating Scholars. It’s a real-life example of what is happening in our schools, and it just helps to shape that dialogue. We’re putting everything we can into the kids. So, I think it’s great all around – everybody gets a little insight into the other side.”   – Lesley Baxter, Tulip Grove Elementary School

As a Gifted and Talented teacher, Lesley Baxter has been at Tulip Grove Elementary School five years. “I like my job because I provide opportunities outside of general curriculum. Being the school’s main point of contact for the Accelerating Scholars program is also part of what I do. Getting more attention and more focus on the standard skills kids are learning at a particular grade level truly makes a difference.”

Metro Schools’ Accelerating Scholars Program, which means more personalized learning experiences for students means that for some students, a trained, caring, committed volunteer meets one-to-one with them three times each week in 30-minute sessions. These volunteers are our friends, colleagues, and neighbors who make giving back a priority.

“I feel that the relationship development is much more important than the curriculum that we’re putting in front of students; and the curriculum is important. Accelerating Scholars Tutoring gives the kids an example of different professionals and professions in the community. It gives them an idea of what’s outside of their home life and outside of their school. They see that there are also these other adult professionals who think that reading is important, and who think that school is important, and who are willing to spend time with them because they think those things. If a kid knows that there’s a grown-up out there rooting for them, that brings so much importance to that child.”

There is a great need for volunteer tutors to support reading (grades 1-3) and math (grades 8-9). It’s a commitment well worth the time.

“I hope that the volunteers get a good understanding of some of our Metro students, especially our little ones, and just how great they are. I hope that the professionals in Nashville really can see that – how special our kids are. For the kids, I hope that they feel their value and their worth; and just knowing really that they’re important; and we want them to be happy and successful. AS tutoring is something that has a direct impact, one that you can see immediately.”

Will you volunteer?