Why My Family Made a Planned Gift to PENCIL: Kathy Nevill

As a former PENCIL board chair, Kathy Nevill has a deep understanding of the work we do for Metro Schools. But as a mother and grandmother, she also wants to demonstrate to her family how she values that work.  

“My children and grandchildren need to see how important things in the community are to us, so that they’ll be important to them,” Kathy shares. 

With her husband, Pat, Kathy chose to make an estate gift to support PENCIL’s endowment campaign, Our Students, Our Future.  With a goal of $3 million dollars in commitments by 2024, this campaign will ensure that PENCIL always has two staff members to recruit and manage community resources for Metro Nashville Public Schools.  

“If you are a board member of PENCIL, you have to be a believer,” Kathy shared. “And if you’re a believer, you should believe in an endowment. And if you believe in an endowment, you’ll make it part of your estate. I can’t imagine being on any board in the city and not believing in them enough to make them part of my long-term plans. It’s about belief.”  

Ultimately, Kathy says, “My husband and I invest in PENCIL because we believe it is essential to Metro Schools. It’s not a ‘nice-to-have’, it’s an essential.” 

Hear Kathy explain her decision to contribute to PENCIL’s endowment below: