Thommye Davis, Academy Coach

Glencliff High School

Facts about Glencliff: Glencliff is one of the most diverse schools in the state of Tennessee with 25 spoken languages. Inside of Glencliff is the PENCIL school-based Family Resource Center Coordinator, Baily Tidwell. The FRC acts as a hub for community resources, helping families navigate outside agencies that can assist with social, emotional and physical needs. FRCs stock emergency food/clothing and develop services tailored to their school population, such as GED and English-language classes, parenting classes, eye exams and glasses, individual counseling and student leadership groups.

Why are you ProudlyPENCIL: “I am ProudlyPENCIL because of the work that PENCIL does in the community and to help MNPS on all levels! I am thankful for PENCIL bringing great partnerships to our schools to help our students have real world experiences and opportunities. Being an Academy Coach is not easy, but with PENCIL’s help making connections with the business in the Middle Tennessee area, IT makes this job just a little bit easier.” – Thommye Davis